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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #105 Take Action: Professional Networking in Public Health

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

This Episode:

  • I share a personal story about a recent professional networking experience

  • Final episode of the 3 part series devoted to professional networking. Be sure to listen to part 1 (episode 103) and part 2 (episode 104).

  • In this episode I will recap what we covered during the challenge. I will also be talking about the programs that are available to help you take action on taking your professional networking to the next level.

  • Links to everything I will discuss can be found in the show notes for this episode.

Listen to the episode now

Review of the professional networking challenge

Episode 103 kicked off the professional networking challenge, which challenged all public health students and professionals of all levels to make professional networking a higher priority. It is such an important part of everyone’s career strategy and there is always room for improvement.

Episode 104 was a coaching session, where I talked about Leveling up your professional networking and doing something different from what you’ve always done (maybe even a little outside of your comfort zone) to help you get better results.

I covered 5 reasons you should be networking, then shared tips from previous guests on the podcast regarding importance of networking, and finally tied the messages together at the end with some key takeaways and action steps for you.

Programs that can help you with next steps

A step by step beginners guide to setting up and optimizing your profile, getting found by the right recruiters and professionals, finding clients and business connections, and growing your network on LinkedIn

This program is for students, graduates, professionals in public health, including business owners planning to attend a big or small public health conference within the next six months. Learn simple strategies for effective networking before, during, and after the conference so that you can develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference.

Purchase two programs work extremely well together, and by purchasing together you’re able to save and receive even higher value.

Now it’s time to take action!

1. Enroll

2. Complete the program

3. Put what you learn into action and reap the benefits!

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