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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #103 Public Health Professional Networking Challenge

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

This is an exciting time for me as I’ve recently celebrated 100 episodes of the podcast, and I’m also reaching the official two-year mark of the podcast.

I love being able to reflect and see the tremendous growth since the start of the podcast, and I also love being able to plan where I want to go in the next two years.

Right now is a great time to focus on the reason why I decided to start this particular business. Of all of the types of business models I could have created and followed, I chose to focus my efforts and attention on sharing tips and strategies that help you enter or transition into the field of public health, just like the introduction of every podcast episodes says.

I’m kicking off a three-part career coaching series that will help bring everyone together. If you’re a long-time listener, then this will be a great time of refocusing with me. If you’re relatively new to the podcast, then this will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about what I offer and how I can help. This is for everybody: students, graduates, public health professionals of all levels, and business owners.

With this episode I'm starting a professional networking challenge. I’m challenging you to step up your professional networking and make it a higher priority because it is such an important part of your career strategy and there is always room for improvement.

Listen to the episode for details

I ALWAYS get loads of questions about networking at conferences.

As usual, when I receive lots of quests for the same type of help, I create a program to address the issue in a way that other people can find it and benefit as well.

Professional Networking at Public Health Conferences is my newest coaching program. You will Learn simple strategies for effective networking before, during, and after the conference so that you can develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference.

Having your LinkedIn profile optimized before you attend a conference is a very smart move. It will help your networking efforts tremendously! It will help people get to know you quickly and attract more of the type of professionals that you want to connect with. If you’re a business owner, consultant, or if your goal is to start consulting or create a business, then it is vital that your LinkedIn profile is optimized long before you arrive at the conference.

When I talk about having your LinkedIn profile “optimized” I’m talking about making the most of your profile so that the recruiters and public health professionals can find you much more easily. Since 95% of recruiters are using LinkedIn as a major tool to find candidates for the top tier job opportunities, don’t you think it’s a good idea to optimize your profile and make it easier for them to find you??

Am I speaking to anyone in particular right now? I feel like I am.


I’m challenging each of you to step up your professional networking and make it a higher priority because it is such an important part of your career strategy and there is always room for improvement. Do not procrastinate and push aside networking, which is an important area and focus of career or business.

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