About Me
Epidemiologist | Consultant | Podcaster

Greetings! My name is Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley, and I am social entrepreneur. My diverse background includes 18 years of experience in both healthcare and public health. I am a creative analytical professional, who serves as an epidemiologist, consultant, and podcaster.


I help public health students and professionals develop a career or business strategy that targets their goals and serves the communities and causes they care most about.


I provide descriptive epidemiology services to support the needs of public health, saving them time, providing valuable information, and data visualizations.


My passion for public health is characterized by my communication style of podcasting and conference speaking, as well as my ability to inspire individuals and communities to take action and drive positive outcomes.

Let me know how I can help you!

Dr. CH Huntley


Epidemiology specific proficiency comprises disease surveillance, quantitative research, and secondary data analysis.

Consultant - Epidemiology Consulting


Epidemiology consulting services include:


  • data clean up and organization

  • data visualization

  • descriptive statistics 

  • secondary data analysis

  • public speaking

  • conference presentation and moderation

Contact me if you are interested in epidemiology consulting services.

Consultant - Career Coaching

Career coaching consulting services provide public health career guidance through delivery of  proprietary programs and workshops administered to students, graduates, and professionals in person, as well as through digital and online platforms.  

Contact me if you're interested in presentation of Public Health Career Workshops to the public health students at your university.

Developing Your Public Health Career Strategy Program for individual career coaching program.


Communication expertise is demonstrated through my role as the host and producer of two podcasts, which can be found  in iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and other platforms where podcasts are commonly found.


Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast


This podcast serves as a mentoring platform, sharing tips and strategies that help students and graduates prepare for and transition into careers in public health.

For My Health Today Podcast

This podcast serves the nonscientific community as an ongoing health education and promotion campaign, encouraging healthier lifestyle changes such as regular walking for type 2 diabetes management.


I am available to serve as keynote speaker for your event.  Contact me with details if you are interested.