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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #311 Revolutionizing Public Health Research, With Joyee Washington, PhD

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

When too big of a gap exists between researchers, project implementers, and communities, more harm than good ends up being done (even when those people have the best intentions). Dr. Joyee Washington, founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, joins us in the episode to explain how she is helping to bridge that gap. Tune in today to hear her thoughts on how public health researchers can conduct research “with” rather than “on” communities and why this is the key to affecting positive change. Driven by her passion for improving lives and spreading joy in the Mississippi community that she knows and loves, Dr. Joyee is revolutionizing public health research. Don’t miss this inspiring episode with a real powerhouse in our field!

Meet Dr. Joyee Washington

Dr. Joyee Washington is a community health research and education consultant from Mississippi. In 2020, she founded Joyee Washington Consulting with a mission to revolutionize public health by transforming public health research into positive community impact. Through her business, Dr. Joyee provides research training, technical assistance, and advising services to community-based organizations, non-profits, and public health organizations. Dr. Joyee has over 18 years of research experience and 10 years of public health experience. Her educational background includes advanced degrees in biomedical sciences and public health. In 2022, she graduated with her PhD in Education (emphasis in research, evaluation, statistics, and assessment). As a Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES), she has served as a coordinator of community based participatory research, coordinator of community outreach for health resources, and faculty member in the Department of Public Health at The University of Southern Mississippi. Dr. Joyee believes that a healthier and equitable future lies in the power of our communities. Additionally, Dr. Joyee is host of The Public Health Joy Podcast, a safe space for real and honest conversation about public health research and the relationship building processes necessary to bring joy to the communities we serve. For more information, please visit Dr. Joyee’s website:

Listen To This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Conversation Highlights

  • Introducing community health research and education consultant Dr. Joyee Washington

  • An overview of Dr. Joyee’s journey into the realm of public health

  • The mission that drove Dr. Joyee to found Joyee Washington Consulting

  • Dr. Joyee’s passion for her hometown, Jackson, Mississippi

  • Organizations that Dr. Joyee works with and the people she serves through her research consulting business

  • The gap that commonly exists between researchers and project implementers

  • How Dr. Joyee is helping to revolutionize public health research

  • Training and resources that are offered by Joyee Washington Consulting

  • The value in being willing to ask for help

  • What it takes to make data meaningful

  • The origin story of The Public Health Joy podcast and what Dr. Joyee hopes to achieve through it

  • How Dr. Joyee’s understanding of public health and epidemiology has helped her better serve her community

“Research has traditionally been done on communities and that’s where the harm comes into play. We can shift the narrative and we can say, ‘How can we do research with communities? How do we do research for communities?’” — Dr. Joyee Washington

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