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Episode #208 The Courage to Change, Pivot, and Grow


This episode picks up where episode 207 left off, where Dr. Huntley outlined some of the challenges facing graduates in the public health industry and how she is adapting her business to address these difficulties. Dr. Huntley outlines the details of these changes and how they will affect the show.

Tuning in you’ll hear Dr. Huntley break down why she’ll be inviting more guests from other fields onto her show and how she will be tailoring her questions to encompass the broader application of public health principles, no matter the job title. Dr. Huntley shares her goals for the future of the show like prompting listeners to reflect on how public health principles apply to their role at work.

She also shares some of the exciting details for their online rebranding, like a new logo, color scheme, and mission statement.

Tune in for all the details on these exciting changes!

Key Takeaways

  • The overwhelming amount of feedback that Dr. Huntley received from her previous episode on social media.

  • Why she found the feedback from listeners so encouraging and affirming of the issues she had been noticing.

  • Dr. Huntley discusses some of the details of how her show will be changing to address these issues.

  • Why Dr. Huntley will be bringing an increasing number of guests from other fields onto her show.

  • How her questions will generate discussions around public health in other fields.

  • Her hope that these conversations will prompt listeners to reflect on how public health principles apply to their role at work.

  • Dr. Huntley’s goal for the podcast to include other industries that are curious about public health.

  • As part of her rebranding process, they will be getting a new logo, mission statement, and other visuals.

  • Hear about Dr. Huntley's goal to emphasize the role of epidemiology in public health.

  • Why Dr. Huntley is excited about these changes!

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