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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #200 What I Love About Podcasting, After 200 Episodes


As we celebrate our 200th episode of the Public Health in Epidemiology Conversations Podcast, I wanted to use this opportunity to share my seven favorite things about podcasting and this journey so far! First of all, it is important to acknowledge all the listeners and the entire amazing community that has connected around this great platform, it really is something special. When looking back at the last four years of weekly shows, what really stands out are the connections that have been made; podcasting is such a powerful medium to learning and mentoring and these links can reach across the world! In this episode, we also look at the highlights of learning new technologies, venturing into the unknown, and meeting new folks in the public health space! So here's to another 200 episodes and many more great connections!

Key Takeaways

  • The roots of the podcast, and its main goals when it started in 2017!

  • Initial commitments and falling in love with the medium very quickly!

  • The team that has helped put together, edit, and organize the production.

  • The power of using the podcasting platform for mentoring a greater number of people.

  • Global reach and the possibilities of connecting with people from abroad!

  • The diverse community of listeners who are currently engaging with the show.

  • Meeting with and learning about new colleagues in the public health sector.

  • Getting a handle on the necessary technology and systematizing the podcast production process.

  • Owning the reality that grew out of an idea; control and decision-making of something unique.

  • Adventure and exploration; traveling into the unknown as this journey unfolds!

Listen to the Podcast Episode

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