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Guiding Public Health Consultants To Create The Profitable Businesses Of Their Dreams!



Public health professionals often have multiple interests and are passionate about more than just one topic. They often have a very difficult time narrowing those interests down to a starting point for their business. 




Public health consultants often get their business started and soon find themselves bringing in revenue, but not doing the work they really want to be doing. The sometimes feel like they are employees of their clients instead of CEOs of their own businesses.


As the owner of your business, you should...


  • Do the work you enjoy most

  • Work with the clients you enjoy supporting

  • Enjoy the work day and work week of your design

  • Set your salary and earn the income that you desire


Work with Dr. Huntley through 1:1 coaching to create the profitable business of your dreams!

Dr. Huntley accepts a limited number of new coaching clients each quarter of the year, depending upon availability. Please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you to discuss this opportunity.

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