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Episode #149 Racism Really Is A Public Health Crisis

Racism Really Is A Public Health Crisis

Many companies have been making public statements regarding systemic racism and bold promises of change. I’ve also noticed several public health organizations making similar statements, saying that racism is a public health crisis. This is the one that has captured my attention, and I’m going to explain why and then what I’d like to do about it.

Because I know, without a doubt, that some of these public health organizations are also a part of the problem.

I know of too many people who are right now suffering in silence because they are victims of racism in their public health workplace and are too afraid, traumatized, and stressed to do anything other than keep their heads down and continue to work in their toxic environments.

Some of the very systems that post racism is a public health crisis are also perpetuating the racist environment at the very same time.

The people who feel trapped in systems like that don’t feel like they have a voice. Trust me. This is real. You might be listening and thinking, “oh no, that could never happen in my governmental organization,” or you could be listening to me with tears rolling down your face because you’re thinking “she’s talking about me…how did she know!”

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How We Are Going To Address This

Let's come together to address this issue. There is great power in collaborating.

Organization/people are often fall into one of the following descriptions:

  • Have no idea that there’s a problem of racism at all in their organization

  • Know there’s a problem, but don’t know what to do about it…so they do nothing

  • Are addressing the problem with sincere effort, stumbling through the awkwardness, but bound and determined to see success (real work in progress)

  • Are smoothly moving forward, with systems in place to make sure that problems are addressed early, and minimal if any issues.

We need people who can help address each of these scenarios effectively

It takes a very special communication style and temperament and level of patience to handle each of these situations.

I want to highlight consultants and organizations that are equipped and ready and passionate about addressing the need on each of these levels, using the podcast platform:

  • help improve the working environments within public health organizations

  • highlight and share resources broadly, addressing the needs on all of the description levels described above

No Task Is Too Small

  • Don’t underestimate your superpower with this topic.

  • If you are very patient and understanding, and do well with navigating conversations on the very beginning first steps level, then I want to hear from you because people need your skillset.

  • Perhaps you are really good at asking questions, conducting assessments, or somehow helping organizations figure out where their problem exists. If so, then I need to hear from you.

  • If you are super knowledgeable and maybe somewhat aggressive and ready to take on the good fight at any given moment without hesitation, then I want to hear from you because there are people who need your skillset and temperament on their level of this battle.

  • Bottom line, we need all hands on deck.

  • If you are actively addressing the problem of racism as a consultant on any level, I need to hear from you.

  • If you know of someone who is passionate about this and who is actively working within their own organization or who is helping other organizations address the problem of racism, then PLEASE reach out to them and ask them to get in touch with me.

I want to bring these resources together and make these resources easily available by highlighting them on this podcast.

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