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Episode #138 Interview with Tameka Ivory Walls, PhD, Public Health Strategist

Interview with Tameka Ivory Walls, PhD, Public Health Strategist

Dr. Tameka Ivory Walls, is a Mississippi native, currently residing in Greenwood, MS. She received her PhD in Public Health Epidemiology from Walden University and a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry and Master of Science in Environmental Science from Mississippi Valley State University.

Dr. Walls has served as the Director of the Mississippi Delta Health (MDHC) Collaborative and the State Director of Heart Disease and Stroke Program with Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH). Dr. Walls has successfully led efforts in the Mississippi Delta with integrating Clinical Health Outreach Workers in health systems. The model has been highlighted in the 2018 CDC Guide for Best Practices for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs.

Dr. Walls has an impressive and extensive public health background. She has facilitated alliances and collaborations with churches, barbershops, healthcare systems, community based organizations, municipalities, policy makers, and community health workers. Her research experience includes cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease risk prevention in high-risk populations.

Dr. Walls is a results-driven and team-oriented professional who has worked in the Mississippi Delta training, directing, and leading diverse groups. Before I connect the interview with Dr. Walls,

I’d like to point out that all views and opinions that she shares in the interview are her own. Dr. Walls discusses her background from her own point of view, and does not represent the state of Mississippi or any other organization in this interview. This conversation is purely for the purpose of her sharing her experience with you, as public health colleagues.

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