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Episode #125 Interview with Giana Vasconcellos, MPH, WMC Public Health Consulting

The Working Mama Collective Public Health Consulting

Giana Vasconcellos from the Working Mama Collective Public Health Consulting (WMC Public Health Consulting) joins us in this episode to share the challenges she faced as a new working mother, and the solutions that she came up with to address these issues. She also shares the consulting services that she has available for other working mothers needing help.

Back in the fall of 2019, I initiated a collaboration with a few public health consultants and entrepreneurs who had a heart for women’s health topics. My goal was to come together and share information from their business products and services to a community of women with the intention of raising awareness of the problems they solve, and the resources that were available. There is so much power in collaborating with your peers and in public health I especially believe that we, as professionals and business owners, are all on the same team with the same end goal of improving health and advancing the mission of public health.

So the women who joined me in the collaboration created an amazing experience. Our presence was positive and powerful across the community and was well received. The primary way that we shared our messages was through my second podcast, which targets improving health on the community level and the vast majority of that audience is female. So the episodes were well received.

In this episode, I’d like to introduce you to one of my collaborators and share that interview with you so that you can hear how she turned a challenge in her life into a business that grew quickly, attracting her partner Liz, and still continues to grow and expand as they’ve added services to further address the challenges on a broader scale.

I really want all of you to get to know Giana and also Liz, hear their stories, and learn about the services they offer. You may be personally interested in their services, or you may know someone who could benefit from their services. You may be inspired to take action to start a business of your own based on hearing their stories. If you are a consultant, then you may be very interested in connecting with Giana and her partner Liz, for business opportunities. You may also find that your workplace could benefit from their assistance.

I believe that it is important to highlight their stories and their business to this community of public health professionals.

Keep in mind that this interview was conducted to target the community level and both Giana and Liz were asked to share their heart, their “why.” It is so important that you are passionate about the work you do, as I’ve said many times before. Giana makes that clear in this interview.

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Giana Vasconcellos, MPH

Giana is a wife, mother, and founder of WMC Public Health Consulting. She holds an MPH and a Holistic Health coaching certification. She has worked very closely with many corporate partners and has a strong background in business development, education consulting, and advising. Partnering with other companies that share the same vision, she advocates with legislation for better family leave and working parental rights.

Her inspiration for the business came when she herself became a working mother in corporate America. She saw gaps in the system where support from business and government alike were lacking adequate support for America's working moms. She decided to create a community called the Working Mama Collective, but found that while support in community was helpful, it was not enough. She found it necessary to start partnering with businesses on the journey of providing policy solutions to really give working mothers the support they need in the corporate sphere.

Her inspiration is drawn from a passion for simple homemaking, intentional parenting, and pursuing a career she is passionate about. She states, "there is a depth of power in a woman fulfilled. With the right resources and support, a working mother is a work of art."

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