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Episode #111 Interview with Amy Schlotthauer, MPH, President of AES Consulting Firm

Learn How A Business Makes An Impact In Public Health

In today’s episode I interview Amy Schlotthauer, President and Owner of AES Consulting Firm. We talk about how Amy’s experience in public health building various skill-sets such as project management, grant writing, program evaluation, and data analysis allowed her to make the impact that she is making now.

About Amy Schlotthauer, President and Owner of AES Consulting Firm

Amy Schlotthauer, President and Owner of AES Consulting Firm, has a Master’s Degree in

Public Health from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a Bachelor’s

Degree in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amy has over thirteen years’

experience in project management, grant writing, program evaluation, qualitative and

quantitative research methods and data analysis, group facilitation and consensus building,

and using these skills to help clients tell the story of the work that they do.

Highlights of her career include:

  • Evaluating the Health Disparities Collaboratives, a national quality improvement initiative in community health centers in the United States

  • Helping to launch the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded Finding Answers program, which focuses on reducing racial and ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease, diabetes and depression

  • Coordinating all aspects of the evaluation of Wisconsin’s Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act YouthSuicide Prevention activities

  • Managing the data collection and reporting for several of Wisconsin’s Child Death Review initiatives

  • Co-creating innovative models of care for pediatric populations for the largest pediatric health system in Wisconsin.

Amy’s Journey Building Project Management Skills

Amy’s interest in the public health field began her junior year of college. She is most passionate about maternal and child health. For most of her career, her position was grant funded and that meant working on several grants at once. She gained experience managing multiple projects early in her career, developing skills in time management, budgeting, and communication which she relies on heavily now in her own business. Her business serves non-profit organizations and health departments who are interested in partnering to work on a complex health issue by helping facilitate the process of setting goals, and using data to drive decision-making.

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Amy Scholtthauer shares advice and tips for students of public health

It is great to get involved in a variety of different job types. Many of the jobs that I have worked in since graduating public health school were not jobs that were on my radar screen at the time. I thought, "I'm going to work at the CDC." I never worked at the CDC, but did have opportunities to work for other organizations and I'm glad that I took advantage of those.

Keep in touch with your network throughout your career, even after you leave a job.

Never stop learning!

Her advice to public health graduates

Build your networking skills.

Think about your unique skill set. What do you like doing? What are you particularly good at doing? What can you offer organizations?

Think more broadly about your career search. Health is EVERYWHERE and many jobs do not get classed as "public health".

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