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Episode #107 Five Programs to Help You Boost Your Public Health Career

Proven Strategies For Developing Your Public Health Career

Are you looking to continue developing your career in the public health field? In this episode, I lay out the different programs that I’ve been working on to provide support for your journey in developing a career in public health.

Overview of different programs to help you develop as a public health professional

In today’s episode, I introduce my different programs to help you through various stages of your public health career.

Dr. Donna Elliston (podcast episode #91) and I collaborated on this project to provide you with valuable resources during these challenging moments in your career, combining our experience and education in a way that displays our coaching styles.

This program is a step by step beginners guide to setting up and optimizing your profile, getting found by the right recruiters and professionals, finding clients and business connections, and growing your network on LinkedIn.

This program is for students, graduates, professionals in public health, including business owners planning to attend a big or small public health conference within the next six months. Learn simple strategies for effective networking before, during, and after the conference so that you can develop your own professional networking action plan for your next public health conference.

This program offers career coaching for students only, helping you make the most of your student journey and preparing you for transition from the classroom to the career field of public health.

This is a career coaching program for public health degree graduates and professionals who want to enter or transition into the field of public health, by developing a step by step strategy targeting your specific career goal or business.

Be mentored by an experienced public health professional

I’ve combined my experience, successes, failures, and lessons learned along my public health career journey to help you. These programs were created to help you achieve individual success, as well as maximize your impact moving forward in your public health career.

Not everyone will be interested in these programs, but for those who have been searching for this type of help, it is now available to you.


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