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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #79 Interview with Dr. Jasmine Ward, Founder of Black Ladies in Public Health

In this episode, I introduce you to Dr. Jasmine Ward, founder of Black Ladies in Public Health (BLiPH). BLiPH is a global community of black women who are interested in, are training, and working in public health. The organization promotes scholarship, service, self-care, and support for health equity.

This episode is for you even if you are not a black lady in public health, but you are interested in supporting issues, causes, and policy that relates to black ladies in public health.

This episode is for you if you want to be inspired by hearing the public health journey of Dr. Ward and her connection with the populations and causes that she cares most about.

This episode is definitely for you if you are black, female, and interested in public health.

Dr. Jasmine Ward is a health educator with specific interest in understanding and addressing health disparities. She has experience as a professor, community health leader, advocate, and a public health entrepreneur. She serves as an assistant professor at a local college in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and serves as the Director of Programs for a Dallas based organization that is focuses on providing health education, testing, counseling, and support services related to HIV, HepC and substance abuse for Black MSMs, Trans Women, and their families.

She is a passionate, driven, and intelligent leader who is authentic, relatable, and has a great sense of humor! I truly enjoyed this interview and appreciate her for taking the time to come on this episode and share her journey, tips, and insights, with all of us.

One of the best ways for anyone to connect with Dr. Ward and Black Ladies in Public Health is through social media.

BLiPH website:

BLiPH on Instagram: @BLiPH16

BLiPH on Facebook page: @BLiPH16

BLiPH email:

You can also connect with Dr. Jasmine Ward on LinkedIn.

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