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Episode #74 Interview with Dr. Rania Milleron, Multidisciplinary Professional in Public Health

In this episode, I’m honored to introduce you to my special guest, Dr. Rania Milleron. She is a multidisciplinary professional in public health with a passion for policy and advocacy, as well as biomedical science, with expertise in vector borne infectious disease.

She is also an author, which she will discuss in more detail during the interview.

Dr. Milleron completed her Master of Science degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health, and her PhD in Molecular Genetics of Infectious Disease Vectors from The University of Texas.

Dr. Milleron is also a member of my Developing Your Public Health Career Strategy program. She talks about her experience in great detail such as how she found the program, her decision to join, and how it has impacted her so far. She provides feedback and several examples.

She has a very diverse background! She is fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of public health, a field that is more cooperative than individualistic. Because of this, she explains how she is able to wear many hats such as microbiologist, program specialist, or epidemiologist. It also means that she is able to work with a wide variety of collaborators in government, academia, or commercial industry, as well as work with a variety of stakeholders such as physicians, scientists, or data analysts.

If you are someone who is struggling to transition into public health from a different field, or trying to figure out what to do with your degree in public health, then I encourage you to pay close attention to Dr. Milleron’s story and message. She is a great example of how to successfully interconnect your diverse experiences with public health.

Rania Milleron and Nicholas Sakellariou, are the authors of the book titled "Ethics, Politics, and Whistleblowing in Engineering" that Dr. Milleron mentioned in this episode.

The link to the book is:

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