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Episode #99: Another Great Resource for Public Health

In this episode, I’m sharing with you another valuable resource and will tell you how you can try it out for FREE!

That resource is Audible. Audible will provide a free trial of their service to listeners of the Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast and also provide financial support to the podcast just for sharing and promoting their service. It is a win-win all around because it’s a great resource and I absolutely love using it!

I want to explain what audible is, recommend 3 categories to explore and explain why I’m recommending them, then tell you where you can find the link to start your free trial.

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What is Audible

Audible has an amazing selection of audiobooks, original audio shows, news, comedy, and more from the leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, and entertainers.

Think of it as listening to books and learning while you’re doing other tasks like while you’re on your commute to work or school, chores, exercising.

You’re already a fan of the podcast and you listen to this show while doing other tasks, so you can use Audible to listen to books in the same way that you use iTunes to listen to podcast episodes.

What I love about audible is that I’m able to listen to professional development books while I’m on my early morning walk every day. It’s a great way for me to learn while I’m exercising.

I recommend exploring these categories:

Business – search books on career skills, leadership, marketing which are all complementary to your public health education and will help give you a much more competitive edge in the job market and help you apply your public health education and skills in a more impactful way.

Try searching for books by John C. Maxwell, who has excellent leadership resources. We often see inspirational quotes from him throughout social media. Several of his books are available in Audible.

Self-Development – some of the subcategories here include communication skills, relationships, and how-to. Books on relationships and communication can help you professionally (with coworkers and when working with the public on a community level).

Meditation and Fitness – I’m recommending this category because most of us have a tendency to put off self-care and minimize the importance of good work/life balance. I personally like this category because there are guided meditation and fitness programs here. So I encourage you to explore this category.

There are so many categories to choose from!

Audible is offering our listeners a FREE audiobook with a 30-day trial membership.

To download your free audiobook and start your free trial today go to

Remember to use this link so that the podcast gets credit for referring you.

I encourage you to share this resource and the link with any of your public health classmates, coworkers and connections, as well as your non- public health friends, colleagues, and family members as well!

I hope you are excited about trying Audible and enjoying the benefits of using this resource!

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