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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #95 Interview with Leah Roman, Roman Public Health Consulting

Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

In this episode, you will meet the Leah Roman of Roman Public Health Consulting. In a previous episode, I mentioned Leah as a great example of professional networking. Those of you who know her are probably nodding your heads right now. She is very genuine and networking seems to come naturally to her.

You may also remember Leah from the very first Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo that I held, where she was one of my cohosts.

She joins me on this episode to talk about her public health journey, from employee to consultant and business owner.

She also has a few tips for anyone who may be interested in consulting.

She talks in depth about who she serves in her business, and the course that she created called “Contemplating Consulting: A readiness guide to help public health professionals decide to hit the breaks or take the leap.”

Listen carefully as Leah describes her online course, and if it is something that you’re interested in, then be sure to listen to the full episode, because I will come back after the interview to tell you about a special offer that she is providing just for my podcast audience.

This online course is appropriate for public health students and professionals that are considering a career as an independent consultant. It could also be beneficial for brand new consultants, as the course discusses business development and administration- and those areas are often overwhelming when you’re just starting out.

The course is online and self-paced (two hours total), so it allows students to complete the modules on their own time, which is a great benefit. Students have unlimited access to the course and downloads after enrolling, so students can always revisit for a refresher on various topics.

An additional benefit for some is that the course is pre-approved for Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and Certified in Public Health (CPH) continuing education credits at no extra cost. So it’s perfect for public health students and professionals looking to fulfill CEU requirements.

The course includes a 10 page readiness assessment workbook to help students determine if they are ready to start a consulting business and identify areas of strength and weakness. Leah says that she's hearing from students that the workbook is extremely helpful and they like that it prompts them to identify specific action steps to take after completing the course. For example, one student realized she’s not quite ready to leap out on her own, so she decided that one of her immediate action steps is to seek out subcontracting opportunities first- in order to build her network and skills.


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