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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #291 Innovation, Science, and Entrepreneurship, With Jennifer Huberty, PhD

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Technological advances have opened new frontiers for consumer products and services that seek to improve wellbeing. For example, the mobile meditation app Calm has helped millions of people experience better sleep and reduced anxiety. Joining us for this episode is Dr. Jennifer Huberty, an accomplished behavioral research scientist who has worked with Calm and other technology companies to bridge the gap between science and innovation and take a digital approach to change behavior and improve wellbeing. Today, she has her own consulting business and serves as a fractional Chief Science Officer to digital health companies. In this episode, Dr. Huberty offers some insight into how the companies she chooses to work with align with her personal values, the roles that courage and curiosity play in her selection process, and why community-based participatory research is crucial for young scientists. We also touch on the value of non-traditional partnerships, the important perspective Dr. Huberty has gained from viewing public health from an industry standpoint, and more. Bringing together innovation, science, and entrepreneurship, today’s conversation will inspire you to follow your passion, no matter how unconventional it might seem! So, be sure to tune in today.

Meet Dr. Huberty

Jennifer Huberty, PhD is an accomplished behavior research scientist with >20 yrs experience leading academic and industry-based science using digital approaches to change behavior and improve well-being. Dr. Huberty was the Head of Science at Calm and now the Founder of Fit Minded LLC in which she serves as a fractional Chief Science Officer and/or an advisory board member contributing to scientific thought leadership and vision for digital health companies. Dr. Huberty also serves as a mentor for Headstream and Techstars in which she assists start-up companies navigate ways to integrate and leverage science for their company while saving on resources. She has experience conducting research in a number of settings (workplace, clinic) and working cross-functionally with industry teams (product, content, marketing, sales). Dr. Huberty has published over 160 papers and has a current appointment as an Associate Professor at Mays Cancer Center/MD Anderson in San Antonio, Texas in which she holds two National Institutes of Health grants as a Principal Investigator. Dr. Huberty spent 18+ years as a research faculty, nine of those as an Associate Professor at Arizona State University in the College of Health Solutions. She holds affiliations as Associate Professor and Research Scholar in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Arizona's College of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Huberty has a podcast titled, “Mindful Vibin”. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, is married and a mother of two boys and enjoys exercise, yoga and meditation.

Listen To This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Conversation Highlights

  • Why Dr. Huberty became interested in public health.

  • What it means to be a fractional Chief Science Officer.

  • Insight into Dr. Huberty’s five-year stint as Director of Science at Calm.

  • The kinds of companies that she targets and how they align with her personal values.

  • A look at Dr. Huberty's focus on passion, courage, and curiosity.

  • Unpacking some of the realities of industry science; the highs and the lows!

  • How community-based participatory research can benefit young scientists.

  • Opportunities to collaborate in “non-traditional” partnerships with organizations.

  • Advice for young scientists entering the industry: don’t be afraid of the word no!

  • Benefits and challenges of viewing public health from an industry perspective.

  • Final words of wisdom from Dr. Huberty: follow your passion, not pedigree.

Dr. Huberty's Career Advice To Public Health Students and Graduates

“Don’t worry about the [pedigree]. You’re going to do good if you’re following what your inner being is telling you [about] your passion and what you really want to be doing. You’ll find someone who appreciates it.” — @jenhuberty

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