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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #266 Public Health Education And Social Impact, With Neshe Conley, MPH

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Social impact and education are some of the most powerful tools at our disposal as public health care specialists. Neshe Conley is a public health impact consultant, and joins us on this episode to discuss her work with public health education to create social impact. Our conversation includes how Neshe started in public health, the problems she’s most interested in, and how much Neshe loves the grass-root system that is public health. We also discuss the services Neshe offers through her company, Embrace Health Communication and Navigation, as well as how her understanding of public health and epidemiology has helped her serve her clients and community. Finally, Neshe shares some incredible advice for any public health specialist listening in. You won’t want to miss out on this episode of Public Health Epidemiology Conversations!

Meet Neshe Conley

Neshe’ Conley is the Founder/CEO of Embrace Health Communication and Navigation LLC. As a public health and social impact service consultant, Neshe’ and her team of public health practitioners assess, implement, and evaluate health promotion, health education, and training models for public and private health agencies and personnel to strengthen community health initiatives, programs, and strategies. Neshe’ is a Philadelphia native who experienced living in vulnerable low-income communities, and because of her upbringing, she decided to create change through the lens of the communities that she and her clients serve. She has her Master of Public Health, is a Certified Health Education Specialist, and will obtain her Doctor in Public Health. Together Neshe’ and her team’s mission is to create healthier communities through corporate partnerships, health and wellness programming, webinars, workshops, health courses, and resource development.

Listen To This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Conversation Highlights

  • A brief overview of Neshe Conley’s professional career.

  • When Neshe first became interested in public health.

  • The public health problem Neshe is particularly interested in right now.

  • The grass-root system Neshe loves about public health.

  • Neshe tells us about her business, Embrace Health Communication and Navigation.

  • The particular services Neshe’s company offers.

  • How her understanding of public health and epidemiology helps her better serve her clients.

  • Neshe shares some advice for anyone interested in following a career like her own.

Neshe's Career Advice To Public Health Students and Graduates

"Trust yourself and trust your experience." - Neshe Conley

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