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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #246 The Importance of Indigenous People in Public Health with Dyani Bingham

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Data is a necessity when understanding the issues facing indigenous communities, and indigenous perspectives on this data and how to implement changes within the social context are key to successful interventions. Talking to us on this episode about why this is the case, is Dyani Bingham, board member at Montana Public Health Institute. Dyani started her academic career in art and culture, however, through personal tragedy, she discovered her calling in public health. Join us to hear about the issues Dyani is currently working on, what her role within the organization is, and why she feels epidemiology is important in the interventions she has been involved with. We wrap up this episode with Dyani’s advice to young public health epidemiologists trying to find their niche, and how to tackle the overwhelming diversity of opportunities facing public health specialists. For all this and so much more, tune in today.

Meet Dyani Bingham

Dyani Bingham (Assiniboine/Blackfeet/Metis) is a recent graduate of North Dakota State University, earning an MPH with a focus on American Indian health. She has a background in public health, tourism, tribal health policy, peer to peer recovery support, obesity prevention, physical activity promotion, breast and cervical health, commercial tobacco use prevention, native art marketing and development, media relations, and historic preservation. She works in project management at the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council Epidemiology Center, which serves the Tribes in MT and WY and is in Billings, MT. Dyani has worked on Indigenous-focused evaluation, evaluation for the arts, and recovery related initiatives. Ms. Bingham is a proud mother, grandma, auntie, and daughter who enjoys spending time with family and friends, baking, gardening, listening to music and visiting hot springs. She is extremely interested in research and policy reforms that are rooted in healing to advance wellness for Native people and communities.

Listen To This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Conversation Highlights

  • An introduction to this episode’s guest, Dyani Bingham, board member at Montana Public Health Institute.

  • Who Dyani is: her education (from art to epidemiology), her passion, and her family.

  • The personal story of how Dyani discovered public health epidemiology.

  • How Dyani is involved in breast cancer and drug addiction awareness.

  • What her role in the Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology is!

  • Why data is so helpful in addressing the issues this community faces.

  • The biggest issues Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology sees in their community.

  • Why Dyani feels epidemiology is important in the work she is doing.

  • How indigenous people integrate the cultural component of public health.

  • Dyani’s advice to those interested in public health: align yourself to your work, and prioritize self-care.

  • Where you can find out more!

Dyani's Career Advice To Public Health Students and Graduates

"Situate yourself in your field. Do that work on who you are. It's okay to have those personal stories, the motivators, and to really look at yourself in your research and work." - Dyani Bingham

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