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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #217 A Human Level Approach To Addressing Burnout, With Dr. Jacqueline Kerr

On this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

The world of public health has many avenues and much potential for learning beyond its own confines. In this episode, Dr. Huntley has a conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Kerr to learn about her interesting and surprising journey through parts of the public health space.

Dr. Kerr currently works as a consultant helping her clients create sustainable and scalable change on an organizational level, and she also hosts her very own podcast, Overcoming Working Mom Burnout. The topic of burnout and its prevention has been a more recent area of exploration for Jacqueline, and she discusses how her own experience of these hurdles informed and inspired her work.

Dr. Kerr is in the top 1% of most-cited scientists, achieving her Masters and Ph.D. in the United Kingdom before coming to the United States in 2004 for a postdoctoral fellowship. Later she worked at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, transitioning out of that role in 2018 to focus on her own business.

Her main focus is now on grant writing and the mentorship of academic clients, admitting that her preference is working on the systematic and communal level rather than as a one on one coach. So to hear it all from an energized expert, passionate about the way public health can change the world, listen to the full conversation in this episode!


Listen To This Episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast


Key Takeaways

  • A little of Dr. Kerr's background, the influence of her time in advertising, and her current work.

  • Dr. Kerr's first interest in public health and her transition into the industry.

  • The growth of Dr. Kerr's passion and commitment to helping mothers avoid burnout.

  • A human approach to combating burnout and understanding the roots of behavior change.

  • Unpacking the work that Dr. Kerr does in her business and her passion for helping groups and companies.

  • Describing Dr. Kerr's ideal client; self-awareness, improvement, and more.

  • How the public health philosophy has aided Dr. Kerr in creating meaningful change with her clients.

  • Building with scale and sustainability in mind; creating habits that can impact in the long run.

  • Some information about the content on Dr. Kerr's own podcast, Overcoming Working Mom Burnout!

  • Differentiating between self-care and the approaches that Dr. Kerr uses to aid change.

  • Recapping the most important takeaway from today's conversation about the importance of past roles in a continuing journey.

Dr. Kerr's Career Advice To Public Health Students and Graduates

I think public health needs innovative and creative solutions. If you have an idea, test it and show that it works. But don't assume we have solved the problem. Many public health problems are getting worse and new ones come up all the time.

Links Mentioned in This Episode


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