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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #216 Healthcare Consulting and Public Health, With Nicole Denham, MHA, RN

On this episode of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Dr. Huntley is joined by Nicole Denim, MHA, RN. Nicole is focused on helping to tighten up emergency preparedness and optimize clinical operations for healthcare organizations. She has a strong passion for process improvement and is a founding partner of Clinical Operations Renewal (COR) Consultants. Nicole has worked alongside healthcare leaders across the country to assist them in achieving their desired future and has an incredible amount of experiences and knowledge to share with you. Listen to this episode to hear the full conversation!

Discussed in the Conversation of This Episode

Nicole shares what first attracted her to public health and how working to build hurricane shelters, vaccination centers, and testing centers made her realize that the front-line staff had all the tools they needed but didn’t necessarily know how to use them.

Nicole states that “the devil is in the details” and explains to us how she helped the front-line workers and leaders to best use the tools they have, to achieve optimum results.

Nicole expresses how keeping a continuum of care during a pandemic within public health is a priority and current passion for her.

Dr. Huntley and Nicole discuss how we need to come together as states and temporarily eliminate competition for the greater good of the people and their health.

Nicole talks about the type of client she works with and how working with these ideal clients has shown her how resilient front-line staff and leadership teams are.

Dr. Huntley and Nicole discuss how people grow when we give them the freedom to make decisions and the freedom to use the tools they have gained through education and working experience.

Nicole mentions how the healthcare sector is behind every other industry even though it is constantly and rapidly changing.

Nicole urges you to challenge your leaders, push the boundaries and seek innovative ways to create change.

Listen to this PHEC Podcast Episode

Connecting the Dots to Public Health and Epidemiology

Nicole shares how she has a better understanding of where public health is at following the pandemic and her experience with hurricane planning. Nicole also shares how her understanding of epidemiology aids her in serving her community. Nicole and Dr. Huntley discuss how you learn everyday with science but how they wish public relations regarding the pandemic had been handled far more appropriately.

Nicole’s Career Advice

Nicole gives her best advice to anyone seeking out a career in her field of work and insists that you surround yourself with people who think futuristically.

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