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Episode #210 Training Front-Line Health Workers, With Quisha Umemba, MPH, BSN


When Quisha Umemba was at nursing school, she was tasked with doing a windshield assessment (if you haven’t heard of this, you’re not alone) which sparked a realization that was instrumental in paving the way for her career as a public health professional. Alongside an impressive array of educational achievements and the multitude of roles she has held within the public health sector, Quisha is also the CEO and founder of Umemba Health. The lack of professionals focusing on social needs of patients, combined with Quisha’s passion for helping people adequately serve others, inspired her to found this organization, which focuses on training and certifying community health workers. In this episode, you’ll gain insights into Quisha’s public health journey, hear about why she feels that community health workers are such a vital part of the public health ecosystem, and if you are an aspiring public health professional, you will receive some very useful advice about choosing your direction with the field.

Meet Quisha

Quisha Umemba is a Bachelors prepared Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Public Health. She is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, a Certified Lifestyle Coach, and a Certified Community Health Worker Instructor. She also holds a certificate in Health Ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary. As a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Quisha consults with community organizations, social service agencies, government agencies, and healthcare systems to help them prevent and manage diabetes, prediabetes, and associated chronic diseases in their client populations. Quisha is the Co-Founder of The CHW Mentorship Network and the Texas Non-Profit Organization Diversity in Diabetes. She is also the Co-Creator of the People of COLOR Living with Diabetes Summit. Quisha is often invited as a featured speaker and presenter at community events, churches, seminars, symposiums, conferences, and professional meetings.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Quisha Umemba, her broad educational scope, and the wide variety of roles she has held throughout her career.

  • What a windshield assessment is, and why it sparked Quisha’s passion for public health.

  • The sectors within public health which Quisha has chosen to focus on.

  • Quisha explains how she felt when she moved from clinical care to an administrative role.

  • Certification that community health workers can receive Umemba Health.

  • The main goal of Umemba Health.

  • How Umemba Health empowers community health workers through their program.

  • Quisha’s thoughts about the future of online education.

  • Differences between community health workers and nurses.

  • The importance of a team-based approach to care.

  • Examples of social determinants of health.

  • A realization that inspired Quisha’s love for epidemiology.

  • Advice from Quisha about anyone interested in a public health career.

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