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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #204 Redefining Self-Care For Community Health Workers, With Tasha Whitaker

Meet Tasha Whitaker

Today’s guest on the Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast is Tasha Whitaker, a national speaker, author, educator, trainer, and owner of CREW Wellness, LLC., a health education consulting agency that builds capacity and provides professional development training for healthcare professionals.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Studies from Texas Women’s University and is a certified Community Health Worker (CHW) and instructor with a decade of experience in healthcare. She empowers communities to take charge of their wellness through interactive wellness workshops, curriculum development, and trainings rooted in self-care.

She is the host of the CHW CREW Podcast, where she highlights the work and service of CHWs around the globe. In this episode, Tasha outlines the impact that health education has on the community, as well as the importance of being a good listener and taking the time to look after yourself as a CHW.

She redefines self-care to include things like proper time management and shares some simple and practical tips for practicing self-care using a model she calls NICE. She also shares her advice for students looking to pursue a career in public health and those just starting out, so make sure to tune in today!

Listen To This Podcast Episode

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Tasha Whitaker and her work as a community health advocate.

  • When Tasha first became interested in public health and health education as a career.

  • The impact that health education has on the community.

  • How Tasha’s previous roles prepared her for the work she does now; the power of listening.

  • The public health issue she is most passionate about: CHWs taking care of themselves.

  • Redefining self-care to include more than bubble baths; the importance of exercise, stress management, and time management.

  • The elevated stress levels that CHWs have been exposed to during COVID-19.

  • Tasha emphasizes that self-care can be anything that brings you joy.

  • What it means to be NICE to yourself; nourish yourself, be intentional, have a care plan, and remember that self-care is essential.

  • Who CREW Wellness serves, from community health workers to healthcare organizations.

  • Hear more about the products and services that CREW Wellness offers.

  • Learn about the empowerment apparel that Tasha has developed.

  • Tasha’s simple career advice for public health students: serve, keep learning, and network.

  • The importance of trusting your inner voice and knowing your ‘why’.

  • The power of mentorship for those just starting out in their public health careers.

  • Why it is beneficial for CHWs to start developing self-care practices early on.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:


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