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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #197 Thinking Creatively about Public Health with Dr. Moreno

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Dr. April Moreno knows how it feels to live with an autoimmune condition, and her diagnosis is what drove her to help others with this type of disease. Autoimmune diseases are pervasive (about one in five people!) but historically have not received much attention. Dr. Moreno is also passionate about achieving health equity because she is aware of the disparities that currently exist within the realm of public health. Her educational background is diverse; cultural anthropology and health promotions sciences and technology, and she has had a dynamic career, starting two non-profits and hosting three podcasts! In this episode, you’ll learn a bit about all of Dr. Moreno’s ventures and will be pleasantly surprised at the broadness of the public health sector and how many possible paths your interest in this field can take you down.

Meet Dr. Moreno

Dr. April Moreno is a business and nonprofit founder in Southern California. She is the CEO of the Autoimmune Community Institute and the Founder of the Public Health Podcast Network. Dr. April hosts three podcasts: Sisterhood of Limitless Living, COVID-19: Public Health, Policy, and Culture, and Healthcare Strategy and Culture. She completed her PhD in Health Promotion Sciences and Information Systems and Technology from the Claremont Colleges in Los Angeles and lives with her husband and giant schnauzers.

Key Takeaways From This Episode

  • Dr. Moreno’s educational background and her various fields of interest within the realm of public health.

  • When Dr. Moreno became interested in public health and how she found her way into the sector.

  • How Dr. Moreno’s cultural anthropology degrees have positively benefited her public health career.

  • The organizations which Dr. Moreno started in order to help people suffering with autoimmune conditions, and the reasons she was driven to start them.

  • What Dr. Moreno learned from attending autoimmune support groups.

  • Hear about the three podcasts that Dr. Moreno hosts.

  • Why Dr. Moreno loves podcasting as a platform for information sharing.

  • Public Health Podcast Network; what it is and the goals that Dr. Moreno hopes to achieve through it.

  • The broadness of the public health sector.

  • Advice from Dr. Moreno about anyone who is aspiring to be a public health professional.

Listen To The Podcast Episode

Dr. Moreno's Career Advice to Public Health Students

1. Be collaborative and open to learning from all members of the community.

2. Communicate the importance of health equity as the core of what we do.

3. Know that even without an MPH or doctorate that you also have the power to influence public health

right now.

Dr. Moreno's Career Advice to Graduates and Professionals

1. Public health is in everything we do. Be open to networks and be creative about using your skills and

interests in new ways.

2. Life is a journey, and you may be led into different fields but public health impacts everything we do!

3. Seek opportunities to volunteer or intern while you are getting your foot in the door. Use social

media to showcase your experiences and interests, and keep networking.

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