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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #193 Pricing And Promoting Your New Consulting Services, Coaching Call With Kaitlyn

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Whether you are new to consulting or you have in this space for years, pricing your services can be one of the most challenging aspects of being a consultant!

Welcome to another Q&A Coaching episode with today’s guest, Kaitlyn Esposito, one of the members of the Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO group and a public health communicator and chronic illness advocate. Kaitlyn asked several questions during our session that many other public health consultants might have about pricing and promoting your services and products.

While there is no simple answer to the question of pricing, this episode will help guide you through a value-based pricing model and the importance of letting your community know who you are, who you serve, and how you can help. By being clear about your solution and building relationships, you can attract your ideal clientele, so make sure to tune in today to hear your host, Dr. Huntley’s insight and practical advice for pricing and promoting your services!

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Key Points From This Episode

  • Kaitlyn’s objective to address chronic illness from a public health perspective.

  • A reframing exercise for those who might feel awkward about charging for their services.

  • How to know if your product or service is ready to sell: get your community involved!

  • Pitching your products or services to a niche organization starts with being clear about the problem you are solving.

  • Building on the results you’re able to produce with client one to attract more of the same.

  • Learn how to find clientele through networking and building relationships.

  • The benefits of building a platform to attract the organizations you want to work with to you.

  • Dr. Huntley shares how Kaitlyn visibly processed the information from today’s call.

  • Her recommendation to find a good coach for guidance on your next steps.

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