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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #187 Easy Public Health Networking, With Chambraia

Easy Public Health Networking

This is going to be another episode that is slightly different from my typical interview style, but it will not disappoint. You will have plenty of great takeaways! Recently, I’ve been going live on LinkedIn every Wednesday, with a theme of creatively advancing public health. I’ve been joined on video by members of our community for a virtual meet and greet segment, and it has been a lot of fun. It’s a great way to start to become more comfortable using the LinkedIn platform, a great way to network and find new connections, and our presence helps raise awareness of public health students and professionals to the broader LinkedIn community.

On this episode, I’m connecting the recording from the LinkedIn live from this week because I want you to hear the conversation. I don’t typically like the practice of sharing audio that comes from video because there’s often moments of disconnect when the discussion was meant for those who are present and can see people and items in view. However, I’ve been making a few exceptions because I believe that the reward and payoff is far greater than those occasional lost moments.

My guest during this LinkedIn live was Chambraia Jones who is a global health professional. She works as an HIV/AIDS prevention program officer and she is a former client from 2019. It was fun to catch up with her during this meet and greet networking segment. She talked about global health, her career transitions, and shared some great bits of career advice. We had great engagement from the audience who was able to join us live as well.

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