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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #169 Black Public Health Student Network, With Alexis Hooper and Toni Junious

Black Public Health Student Network, With Alexis Hooper and Toni Junious

This particular episode will be a little different than my typical interviews, because it is more student-focused rather than from the perspective of a career professional. I'm excited to shake things up a bit and hopefully shine some light on the positive activities that my guests are part of, in hopes of it serving as inspiration for other students and schools of public health as well. You’ll meet Alexis Hooper and Toni Junious of the Black Public Health Student Network at George Washington University, Milken Institute School Of Public Health.

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Meet Alexis Hooper, Black Public Health Student Network

Alexis Hooper, President

MPH Concentration: Maternal and Child Health

Alexis is passionate about women’s rights and education reform, as well as advocating to improve funding for and to debunk stigmas associated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Meet Toni Junious, Black Public Health Student Network

Toni Junious, VP of Communications

MPH Concentration: Global Health Epidemiology

Before graduate school, Toni worked in Guam with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doing STD/HIV prevention and community outreach.

She is passionate about improving health equity in her community through a holistic approach, and is interested in addressing the root causes of dis-ease and preventing inequities in women’s health and wellness.

Outside of GW, Toni is the Co-founder of an arts and wellness collective, called Soultry Sisters that brings accessible wellness resources and events to women of color.

Soultry Sisters website:

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