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Episode #165 Interview With Asya Spears, MS, Biostatistician & CEO Of Rose Data Studio

Interview With Asya Spears, MPH, Biostatistician & CEO Of Rose Data Studio

Interview With Asya Spears, MS, Biostatistician & CEO Of Rose Data Studio

Asya Spears is a Biostatistician with a desire to use data for social good and she is on a mission to equip others with the skills they need to do the same. She is honored to carry out her mission of advancing health equity as the CEO of Rose Data Studio. From writing first lines of code to identifying the best visualizations for data, she has guided hundreds of public health professionals as they apply statistical concepts to design programs and complete projects that ensure delivery of high-quality health outcomes for all. Her biostatistics experience includes health policy research and population health analytics for value based care programs and her current role focuses on advancing the quality of medication use. She earned her BS in Mathematics from Spelman College and MS in Biostatistics from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

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Rose Data Studio Offers Services Supporting Development Of Data Analytic Skills

  • Tutoring for courses

  • Statistical consulting for dissertations and capstones

  • Data career coaching to support people as they are determining their next steps, building new analytic skills, and applying for jobs

Asya's Career Advice To Public Health Students

  • Know that you can chart your own course.

  • Have a plan for pivoting.

  • Embrace Biostatistics, and build your foundation of data literacy.

Asya's Career Advice To Public Health Graduates

  • Get visible for the types of roles you want through thought leadership.

  • Seek opportunities to join projects as a consultant.

  • Leverage sites like Coursera, Udemy, edX to strategically enhance your skills.

Connect With Asya

Instagram: @rosedatastudio


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