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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast


Episode #160 Interview with Derick Chia, MPH, Public Health Epidemiologist

Interview with Derick Chia, MPH, Public Health Epidemiologist

On this episode you’ll meet Derick Chia and learn about his journey into public health, from his childhood in Cameroon as the son of a nurse and police officer to his public health work as an epidemiologist for Ottawa County, here in the United States, which includes COVID-19 investigation.

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Meet Derek Chia, MPH

Derick Chia is a Public Health Epidemiologist for Ottawa County, Michigan where he facilitates the collection, analysis, and interpretation of health-related data. Derick believes achieving health equity is heavily reliant on systematic data tracking and reporting to inform public health practice and policies. Over the years, Derick has acquired a diverse background in public health beginning from his hometown in Cameroon, where he worked as a data manager with the Cameroon HIV Free Project, to working with both governmental and non-profit organizations in the State of Michigan on efforts around health disparities, communicable diseases and harm reduction.

Derick holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Earth sciences from the University of Buea, and a Master of Public Health (MPH) with emphasis in Epidemiology from Grand Valley State University. Derick is keen on continuously applying his expertise and diverse public health experience to close the disproportionate gaps in healthcare outcomes across disadvantaged communities.

In his free time, Derick enjoys reading, playing/coaching sports, exploring the beauty of Pure Michigan, good coffee and good people.

Derek's Career Advice To Students & Graduates

  • Connect with mentors, Expand their professional network, follow-up emails, clearly express interests, flexibility

  • Continuous self -development (e.g programming, reading, staying up-to-date with recent events)

  • Internships/Fellowships/Job shadowing/volunteer

  • Membership in professional organizations (APHA, CSTE, State and local organizations)

  • Flexibility

Connect with Derek on LinkedIn

Click this link to connect with Derek Chia, MPH on LinkedIn.


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