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Episode #150: Interview with Jonathan Davis, Arizona Tribal Epidemiology Center

Interview with Jonathan Davis, Arizona Tribal Epidemiology Center

On this episode, you’ll meet Jonathan Davis and hear about his journey into public health. You’ll also learn about the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Tribal Epidemiology Center, which is just one of 12 partner Tribal Epidemiology Centers funded by the Indian Health Service’s Division of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention to assist in improving the health of American Indians and Alaska Natives throughout the United States.

Tribal Epidemiology Centers

Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TEC) are Indian Health Service (IHS), division funded organizations who serve American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Tribal and urban communities by managing public health information systems, investigating diseases of concern, managing disease prevention and control programs, responding to public health emergencies, and coordinating these activities with other public health authorities.

Tribal Epidemiology Centers provide various types of support and services due to the variation of the TECs organization structure, divisions, Tribal populations, and their mission and goals. There are currently 12 Tribal Epidemiology Centers in the United States.

Each month, one of the Tribal Epidemiology Centers will be featured here on the podcast. The purpose is to raise awareness throughout the public health community of the amazing and important public health work that is being done at each of the centers.

In this episode, we will feature the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Tribal Epidemiology Center.

About Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Tribal Epidemiology Center

I’d like to tell you more about The ITCA. The center values trust, service, and integrity above all else.

They provide responsive, confidential, reliable, practical, high-quality professional epidemiologic services and products that address current and future public health challenges among tribal nations.

They do this by promoting tribal self-determination, partnerships, innovation, resourcefulness, accountability, and sustainability.

Their goal is to support the Tribes on their path to health equity and self-sufficiency.

The ITCA’s purpose is to build tribally-driven public health and epidemiologic capacity among tribes in the Phoenix and Tucson Indian Health Service Areas in order to improve American Indian health and wellness.

About Jonathan Davis, PhD

Dr. Jonathan Davis is from Phoenix in the Grand Canyon State of Sunny Arizona! He has both a Masters degree in History and in Geographic Information Systems and a PhD in Geography. By training he is a historian, cartographer, community planner, and GIS Analyst. He has worked as a GIS Specialist for the Department of State: Office of the Historian, Arizona State University, and for the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona. Dr. Davis’s doctoral research primarily focuses on Land Use Planning for American Indian communities leveraging a planning framework called Geodesign.

Dr. Davis joins me to share his journey into public health, and more about his work at the ITCA Tribal Epidemiology Center.

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Dr. Davis's Career Advice to Public Health Students & Recent Graduates

  • Cultivate your writing ability.

  • Develop strong analytical skills.

  • Develop critical thinking skills.

  • Seek employment opportunities that will allow you to grow and be mentored, as well as opportunities to work in public health areas that you are interested in.

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