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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #144 Get Experience in Public Health Using Online Tools and Technology

Get Experience in Public Health Using Online Tools and Technology

In this podcast episode, you will learn about our newest program, Get Experience in Public Health Using Online Tools and Technology. Most importantly, you’ll hear about this program from those who enrolled early and worked through the program with me while it was in the final stages of development. My guests on this episode are Courtney Dillingham, Leanne Dumeny, and Danielle Shoemake.

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Big Challenge of Public Health Students and Recent Graduates

I am well aware that one of the biggest career-related challenges faced by many of you is the lack of experience in public health. This is a challenge for those who have completed their degree in public health, but have not been able to get into the field of public health. It is also a challenge of many current public health students.

Many people tell me that they feel like they are too busy with their coursework or general responsibilities of life to find the time to also get experience. Sometimes people tell me that they just don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed. People were also looking for alternative approaches to getting experience. People are thinking outside the box more and more, and that’s 100% my style. I love exploring creative approaches and new ways to address public health problems.

Addressing the Big Challenge

I also believe that is where we can have a bigger positive impact, as well as open opportunities to partner with the traditional approaches in ways that strengthen the collaboration.

People are also looking for easy ways for practical application of what they are learning in the classroom. They need step by step, easy solutions so that they can implement while they are completing their coursework and managing the multiple responsibilities of life at the same time. They don’t want to be overwhelmed, but instead be empowered.

That is where I focused my attention and created a solution.

I didn’t start from scratch. Instead, I took an older program that I had retired a couple of years ago, and used it as a framework to create the solution to address the challenges that I just mentioned.

Early Participants Love This New Program Solution

During the development phase, I recruited a small group of participants who enrolled in the program and worked closely with me over a few weeks to provide feedback and suggestions. Some are current students, and some are recent graduates. They attend brick and mortar as well as online degree programs, and even dual degree programs. This was great because it helped me fine tune the final version of the program into something that far exceeded my expectations!

You are about to hear from three of the participants who enrolled during the development of this program. They are joining me to share their experience with the program and I think many of you will find this extremely helpful.

Meet Courtney Dillingham

My first guest is Courtney Dillingham. Her lifestyle is very busy. She has background in nursing and is a current student, about halfway into her masters of public health program. She, her husband, and their three kids are an active military family. She has an interest in epidemiology and public health education. She joins me to discuss her experience with our new program.

Meet Leanne Dumeny

My next guest is Leanne Dumeny. Leanne is enrolled in a dual degree program, where she is working on her MD and her PHD at the same time. She has also earned a masters degree in management, as well as a graduate certificate in public health. She has big goals and big plans for her future and joins me to discuss her experience with our new program, why she enrolled, and how it has helped her.

Meet Danielle Shoemake

My final guest is Danielle Shoemake. Danielle is a current student, working on her masters of public health degree and is also an intern with her state’s health department. On one hand you might think, she’s already getting experience through her internship, which is true. Listen carefully to this interview because you might find her reasons for enrolling in the program and what she likes best about it to be very interesting and insightful.


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