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Episode #143 Interview with Quinyatta Mumford, MPH, Mumford and Associates

Overview of This Podcast Episode

In a world of pandemics, epidemics and the unknown where communities experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their health to unravel. Quinyatta Mumford, MPH, CHES, founder of Mumford and Associates, LLC and the heart behind the Curvy Consciousness movement; accepts the call to be the change agent.

Quinyatta Mumford, MPH

She is a Leader, Innovator and Pioneer. Ms. Mumford is the founder of Mumford and Associates, an innovative health education and promotion firm that offers individualized, evidence-based, practical, understandable, holistic health education and promotion processes.

Mumford and her team provide individual and group health education targeting lifestyle factors; through which people at-risk or diagnosed with chronic disease can gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to modify behaviors and successfully self-manage or prevent chronic disease and related complications.

Ms. Mumford’s great passions are leading the charge on a number of health education programs and serving the state of Arkansas as an Epidemiologist.

She helps her clients to find healthy perspectives through consulting, research, analyzing statistical data and delivering positive results. With her educational background and more than 10 years of public health experience it is without a question that she would be appointed by Governor Asa Hutchinson to the Arkansas Board of Health Education and previously hold the positions of President of the Arkansas Public Health Association and Conference Chair for the Society of Public Health Education.

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Quinyatta's Career Advice

  • Be flexible

  • Be open

  • Be real

  • Learn transferrable skills

Don't box yourself in. Public health is an ever changing field, so build skill sets that give you a competitive career advantage. For example, although she studied Community Health, she practices as an epidemiologist. She leverages her health education background for entrepreneurship. My background in health education enables her to communicate complex epidemiological data in an easy to digest manner.

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