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Episode #139 Interview with Sandra Coker, MD, Founder of Black Girl White Coat

**At the time this episode is recorded and published, Sandra is just weeks away from officially being Dr. Sandra J Coker. The title and headings in this blog post is to reflect the near future status.**

Sandra Coker, MD

Sandra Coker is an emergency medicine physician-in-training set to begin her career in the summer of 2020. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, one of the most diverse cities in the country, she found herself immersed in multicultural communities from an early age. This upbringing, partnered with her passion to serve the underserved, led her to pursue her dreams of becoming an emergency medicine physician with specific focus on diversity and inclusion and social medicine. Sandra is also the founder of Black Girl White Coat, a social media initiative dedicated to providing motivation, mentorship, scholarship, and representation for students traditionally underrepresented in the various fields of healthcare.

Black Girl White Coat

Black Girl White Coat serves students interested in a career in the healthcare field who identify as a member of an ethnic/racial group traditionally underrepresented in healthcare.

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Dr. Coker's Career Advice

Find a mentor. Mentorship and someone who advocates for you go a long way. I understand that this is uncomfortable for many people, but this will take networking and stepping outside of your comfort zone to form new relationships.

Networking is important and is continually to grow in significance and important. Gain strong networking skills and prepare for the opportunities that will follow.

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