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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #129 The Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship Expo is Back


The Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO is an online event where a select panel of public health consultants and entrepreneurs, who are passionate about the needs they address and the populations they serve, come together to share their businesses.

I’m excited to announce that the EXPO, our most popular virtual event, is back and better than ever! In this episode, I will tell you all about the EXPO, when to join live, and how to join on demand.

I will start by explaining what is different from last year, then I will provide a full overview of the expo so that we are all clear and on the same page.

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Purpose of the Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship EXPO

  • Raise awareness of the innovative, diverse, and creative ways that some of your colleagues are advancing the mission of public health

  • Inspire you to take action on ideas that you have about starting a public health business that serves the needs of the communities and causes you care most about

  • Encourage use of resources and services offered by the presenters, as well as encourage professional networking and collaboration with presenters and their businesses

  • Demonstrate the power of collaborating with public health colleagues and working together in a supportive way to showcase our products and services

Each presenter will

  • ​Describe their business and explain why they started their business

  • Share the products, resources, and services they offer

  • Demonstrate the various ways that they are addressing the needs of public health

  • Explain what they love most about being a business owner, and their biggest challenge

Benefits of enrolling

  • We are generously providing this event is a way that is affordable and easily accessible by all who are interested.

  • Enroll now for early bird discount on an already very low regular price

  • Once you enroll, links will be available for you to join each presentation live and participate in Q&A

  • Recordings of all presentations will be available for you to review at your own pace

  • Connection information for all presenters will be available along with the recordings


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