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Episode #127 Interview with Amy Moore, Moore Statistics Consulting, LLC

Meet Ms. Amy Moore

Amy Frances Moore is a creative educator and statistician. Ms. Moore is the owner of Moore Statistics Consulting LLC, a for profit organization which helps doctoral students with the statistical requirements of their doctoral degree. Ms. Moore is also the owner of the Moore Statistics Consulting Foundation Incorporated, a non-profit organization for women doctoral students who cannot afford tutoring services.

Ms. Moore: author of 6 self-help books on statistical concepts

  • Statistics for the Math Illiterate

  • Statistics Workbook for the Non-Techy

  • Getting Your Feet Wet with R

  • Out of the Box: Statistics Workbook Using SAS

  • Learning the Language of STATA

Ms. Amy Moore: statistical app developer and educator

Ms. Moore is also an app developer with two statistics apps (the Moorestat and the Moorestat Pro). She has several creative projects in the works for the new year 2020, including a cartoon series.

Ms. Moore has two master’s degrees in statistics, and she has taught graduate-level statistics courses for various schools: international, domestic, online, and brick and mortar.

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Ms. Moore’s Career Advice to Students of Public Health

It is important to be passionate about your career. Fall in love with your journey. If you love the work, you will find a home in it.

Ms. Moore’s Career Advice to Public Health Graduates

We live in a society where social media outlets distract us from working on our human to human interactions. The need for a human connection never goes away. You have to build a network of mentors in the field, people who can advocate for you. Who you know is always important.

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