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Episode 126: Interview with Liz Simpler, MPH, WMC Public Health Consulting

The Power of Collaborating in Public Health

This episode continues from episode 125. Back in the fall of 2019, I initiated a collaboration with a few public health consultants and entrepreneurs who had a heart for women’s health topics. My goal was to come together and share information from their business products and services to a community of women who are the audience of my second podcast, For My Health Today. The intention was to raise awareness of the problems they solve, and the resources that were available.

There is so much power in collaborating with your peers and in public health I especially believe that we, as professionals and business owners, are all on the same team with the same end goal of improving health and advancing the mission of public health.

The Working Mama Collective, Public Health Consulting

In the previous episode, #125, I introduced you to one of my collaborators, Giana, from The Working Mama Collective Public Health Consulting. In this episode you’ll meet Liz, Giana’s partner, and hear her story and the unique perspective she brings to the business.

Both Liz and Giana provide valuable and powerful resources and it has been my honor to get to know them and their business over the last few months.

I really want all of you to get to know them, hear their stories, and learn about the services they offer. You may be personally interested in their services; you may know someone who could benefit from their services. If you are a consultant, then you may be very interested in connecting with them for business opportunities. You may also find that your business or workplace could benefit from their resources.

I believe that it is important to highlight their stories and their business to this community of public health professionals.

Keep in mind that this interview was conducted to target women on the For My Health Today Podcast community level and both Giana and Liz were asked to open up and share their heart for their business and why they chose to serve in the way that they do. It is so important that you are passionate about the work you do, as I’ve said many times before. Giana made that clear in her interview, and Liz does the same…as you will soon hear for yourself.

Listen to the conversation in this podcast episode

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