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Episode #321 What Can I Do With My Degree In Public Health?

On This Episode Of The Public Health Epidemiology Conversations (PHEC) Podcast

Choosing a career in public health can be a daunting task. Especially if you are a student who doesn’t have a full grasp of what career opportunities are available for you after graduation. In this episode, Dr. Huntley recounts her recent role as a career panelist at the CDC Lewis Public Health Scholars and Ferguson Emerging Infectious Disease Fellows 2023 Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. She sheds some light on the array of inquiries raised by public health students, exploring some of their burning questions. Tune in as Dr. Huntley introduces a valuable resource designed to answer these questions and address the challenges students face when considering their career paths.

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Conversation Highlights

  • Dr. Huntley's participation as a career panel in the CDC Showcase assembled to address students' questions about public health careers.

  • Answers to common questions from students, including choosing between a PhD and DrPH, essential skills beyond a degree, consulting, and navigating a GAP year

  • The significance of mentorship and the need for diverse examples of public health career professionals to inspire students

  • Dr. Huntley's passionate response to a student's question about navigating a consulting career as a black woman

  • The role of the PHEC Podcast as a valuable resource with over 300 episodes covering diverse topics in public health

  • The importance of academic institutions exposing students to a wide range of career opportunities beyond academia and government

“We need more people coming into this field. We have suffered so many setbacks and cutbacks and budget cuts and challenges. Were beat up from the pandemic and it feels like we're working against the wind all the time. We need more troops. We need more hands on deck.” - Dr. Huntley

Other Links Mentioned In This Episode

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Morehouse School of Medicine - Imhotep Project

University of Michigan - Future Public Health Leaders Program

University of Pittsburgh - Pitt Public Health Undergraduate Scholars Program

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