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Episode #87 Interview with Rosalie Aguilar, National Project Coordinator for Salud America!

I’m delighted to introduce you to my special guest on this episode, Rosalie Aguilar. Rosalie is the national project coordinator for Salud America!, which is a national Latino-focused organization that creates culturally relevant and research-based stories, videos, and tools to inspire people to start and support healthy changes to policies, systems, and environments where Latino children and families can equitably live, learn, work, and play.

The content created and distributed by Salud America! reaches over 250,000 moms, dads, providers, researchers, community leaders, and school personnel who are interested in working to push for healthy changes in schools and build health equity for Latino, and all kids.

I first met Rosalie when she reached out to me as asked me to cohost a TweetChat with Salud America!. This is a weekly event that focuses on various topics that align with the organizations focus. It’s held on Twitter’s platform every Tuesday at 12pm CST/1pm ET and uses the hashtag #saludtues.

The event that I cohosted along with the American Heart Association of Minnesota and a few other organizations, was titled the Impact of Sugar & Healthier Alternatives. The timing of that particular event was aligned with podcast episode #53, Interview with Karen Akins, International Quit Soda Day, where Karen discussed the negative of soda and sugary drinks among children in Mexico. If you haven’t heard that episode, then I encourage you to listen to it.

I enjoyed the experience and appreciated Rosalie for reaching out to me, and when I invited her to be my guest on the podcast she was equally excited. Now, I knew it would be a very interesting interview, having her discuss Salud America!. However, what I didn’t expect was her journey into public health to be so rich and full of experience, passion, and insight.

I am very excited to share that interview with all of you.

Some great SA! resources to checkout:

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