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Episode #84 Interview with Dr. Monique Brown, Professor, Researcher, Consultant

Dr. Brown talks about her journey into public health and her experiences along the way. She is a professor, researcher, owns a consulting business, and hosts a podcast. She is passionate about HIV research, mental health, trauma, and aging. She shares some valuable tips and advice for public health students, professionals, and those interested in starting a business. So be sure to listen to this full episode.

Here are a few things that Dr. Brown says current students should be doing while working on their degree to help prepare them for careers in public health.

  1. Get practical experience in the form of assistantships or internships in the area where you would like to pursue a career.

  2. Build relationships with current classmates and professors. These connections will more than likely help you as you pursue your public health career.

  3. Practice self-care! Ensure to find the time to take care of yourself. Make that a habit now! It will be easier to incorporate as you obtain more responsibilities in life and work.

Here are three suggestions from Dr. Brown for graduates who are trying to start their careers in public health, but may lack experience.

  1. Without experience, you may have to decide to take a job that is not your “dream job” at least for a season. This position (not just any position, however, and if strategically chosen) may help to open up other doors and help you to land your dream job later down the line.

  2. Network, network, network. Sometimes the best positions are landed through who you know and not only what you know. Attend conferences, seminars, workshops and network. Networking on social media can also help.

  3. Don’t be afraid to let others know that you are on the market for a job. You never know what other people may know or what connections they may have.

Based on her experience, Dr. Brown has the following suggestions for anyone interested in starting a business in the field of public health.

  1. Choose to get involved in opportunities that not only strengthen your resume but also add value to your career.

  2. In terms of business building, you have to believe in your product or service before you can truly convince others that your product or service is valuable.

  3. Once again, networking in different venues can help significantly for job-seeking and/or business building.

  4. Don’t give up! Learn from what did not work in the past, and use it in the present to improve the future. Hard work and persistence usually pay off in the long run.

Connect with Dr. Brown.

Her Podcast: Dr. Mo Speaks

On this podcast, she discuss health issues at the public health and individual levels, and provides resources addressing these health challenges.

Brown Research Consulting, Inc. provides editing services and research-related support. Your audience may benefit, especially, from editing of cover letters and resumes.

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