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Episode #83 Childhood Vaccination and Public Health Communication

In this episode, I pour out my heart and even share a personal story to help me drive my message as I discuss the topic of childhood vaccination. I’m not discussing this from the point of whether or not you should vaccinate your children.

The purpose of discussing this topic is to address the need for improved public health communication on the topic of childhood vaccination.

Social media platforms provide an incredible opportunity for effective public health communication, with millions of users on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, I see a missed opportunity to educate, and build trust. It is largely due to poor public health communication.

I’m asking for your help with this episode. After you listen, I’m asking everyone to share this episode widely throughout your network of coworkers, classmates, and colleagues.

Included in this discussion:

Controversy around childhood vaccination in the United States

Poor handling of this public health issue

Missed public health communication opportunities

Opportunities for improvement in public health communication through social media

Examples for professionals

Examples for students

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