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Episode #82 Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship Expo

What is a social entrepreneur? What is a public health entrepreneur? In this episode, I’m going to talk about public health consulting and entrepreneurship. I will start with a discussion about entrepreneurship and then move into the opportunities that exist, and finally share details of the Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship Expo.

To help me explain these concepts, I’m going to refer to a study called, “Public Health Entrepreneurs: Training the Next Generation of Public Health Innovators” by Hernandez et al, 2014 and also a very comprehensive Forbes article written by Devin Thorpe entitled “Global Health Challenges Offer Social Entrepreneurs Opportunity

Social entrepreneurs move fast and do not need to have everything and everyone in place before moving forward, sometimes taking risks to scale up promising strategies or models. As the leader, they are able to make quick decisions, and take action without always having to seek consensus among stakeholders.

Social entrepreneurs are social leaders of change:

(1) they have a mission to create and sustain social value

(2) they constantly recognize and pursue new opportunities to serve that mission

(3) they are always engaging in innovation and learning

(4) they act boldly, with authority and without being limited by resources that they may or may not have on hand

(5) they exhibit a heightened sense of accountability to the communities they serve and for the outcomes created

Public health entrepreneurship builds on the momentum generated by social entrepreneurship. The idea that, as an entrepreneur, you can succeed economically and do right by society is compelling and being able to achieve this satisfies many entrepreneurs' desire for independence and social impact.

Anna Sadovnikova wrote a blog article for the University of Michigan School of Public Health entitled “3 Tips for Aspiring Public Health Entrepreneurs

  1. Develop an obsession with your field. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it.

  2. Learn to effectively sift through the criticism. It’ll only make you stronger.

  3. Create your own opportunities. Start by finding brilliant, motivated people.

Anna is the CEO of LiquidGoldConcept, Inc - Comprehensive and Customizable Breastfeeding Education Tools for Parents and Providers.


Public Health Consulting & Entrepreneurship Expo

We want to raise awareness of the many opportunities to build a consulting business and explore entrepreneurship in public health. There are so many public health professionals who have chosen this type of career path. In the expo you will have an opportunity to hear a few stories and business examples.

If you are reading this after March 14th, 2019, then the expo has already passed. However, you are invited to join the waitlist and be notified about the next event of this type.

References for this episode

3 Tips for Aspiring Public Health Entrepreneurs by Anna Sadovnikova and the University of Michigan School of Public Health

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