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Episode #65 Why You Need to Get Involved with Public Health Associations

At the time this episode is published, I’m attending the American Public Health Associations annual meeting in San Diego CA, along with about 12,000 other attendees. Meeting in person with your peers and colleagues is a powerful experience and something that I encourage all of you to make a priority.


“Seven Benefits of Membership in Public Health Associations”

In that episode I discussed some of the benefits of membership in public health associations. Although there are many important reasons for you to become involved in public health associations, I focused on seven benefits in that episode.

“Summarizing My Thoughts After Presenting at Two National Conferences”

I discussed some of the highlights of my experience of sharing my research at two different national conferences. There were so many things I wanted to go into, but I just focus on some the key take aways that will hopefully motivate you to plan to attend your first meeting, or take your meetings to the next level if you are already actively attending your association’s annual conference.

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