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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #64: Interview with Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis, Arteries in Harmony

Meet Dr. Anthony Pothoulakis, a cardiologist who is passionate about prevention. He strongly believes that we all have a serious job to do in defending the obesity-diabetes-artery disease epidemic. In order to reduce the rates of obesity and diabetes, we cannot rely only on doctors, nurses, hospitals, and universities. We must all work together, as a community, to fight against sugars and prolonged sitting and have a zero-tolerance policy for high blood pressure, high LDL, and smoking. He goes on further to say that we must band together and fight the enemy in our schools, or workplaces, and in our homes every single day.

Join me in this episode where Dr. Pothoulakis discusses these principles and introduces his new book, Arteries in Harmony. This episode is a great example of healthcare and public health coming together to provide a power tool that has the potential for great impact on population health.

Be sure to listen to the full episode and order your copy of Arteries in Harmony.

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