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Episode #63: Interview with Dr. Catherine Troisi, Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Academia

This episode is a special featured episode for the APHA Epidemiology section. My special guest today is Dr. Cathy Troisi. She shares her journey into public health, including her rich experiences in the fields of infectious disease epidemiology and academia. She offers some advice and tips for students, recent graduates, and anyone interested in a career in public health. I encourage you to listen to the full episode.

Dr. Troisi has a BA in chemistry, MS in biochemistry and a PhD in epidemiology. She completed her postdoctoral work at Baylor College of Medicine and worked there as a part of the faculty. Listen closely as she discusses her move across various areas of virology, vaccine studies, and her return to academia.

Dr. Troisi's advice to students or recent graduates:

  • Everything you learn, even if it doesn’t seem related to your final goals, will be useful in your career

  • Get involved with your professional orgs (e.g., APHA!) as it provides great networking opportunities and you can volunteer for a variety of experiences, building your skills bank.

  • Never forget public health is political – get involved in advocacy activities!

Connect with Dr. Troisi:

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