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Episode #51 Five Surprise Benefits of My First Year of Podcasting

My goal for creating the podcast was to mentor and help those who were interested in public health careers, sharing tips and strategies for entering or transitioning into the field. I was focused on giving, and didn’t expect to receive so much in return. In this episode, I share five surprising benefits of my first year of podcasting.

Podcasting experience:

  • Has provided a platform for me to share my journey, and the lessons learned along the way, with an audience that can relate and appreciates what I have to share.

  • Fostered and inspired many conversations beyond the episodes

  • I’m surprised by the number of people who have reached out to me to say how much they’ve been inspired by something that I’ve shared on an episode.

  • My goal was to reach and mentor many, instead of just one on one messages. I feel like I’ve made a bigger difference with the podcast than I did before.

  • I’m motivated to continue and expand the reach of the podcast in hopes of inspiring and encouraging even more future public health leaders.

Developing the workshops:

  • It was not a part of my initial plan, but was created through collaboration with my colleagues.

  • We saw a need, and found an effective way to address it and provide more resources to help students.

  • Collaborating with my colleagues was an amazing experience, because they also have the heart to serve others with the lessons they’ve learned along their journeys as well.

Taking Action:

  • This experience of taking action on this level has been amazing in terms of boosting my career and professional development on a higher level than I expected.

  • Accomplished goals, set new goals that I otherwise would have not have thought of, and refined my strategy

  • Result of taking this action, starting the podcast, has resulted in many opportunities that wouldn’t have been presented to me if I hadn’t started the podcast

Global career perspective:

  • Increased global collaborations and partnerships that have developed as a result of this first year of podcasting, which align with my new career goals and objectives

  • This new level of global perspective is above and beyond what I had been experiencing before podcasting

Developing my program:

Developing Your Public Health Career Strategy is the coaching program that I created (listen to episode #39 to hear details about that program)

  • Developing this program successfully helping people create a strategy to accomplish their career goals

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and also listen to next week’s episode as we celebrate our first year of the podcast.

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