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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #40: Our Community Group Discussion of Public Health

This episode is a little different, as I share discussion responses to public health topics in one of our community groups. Not only do I share the questions, responses, and comments from members of the group, I also provide my feedback as well. At the end, I summarize and present takeaway messages and tips for taking action.

Discussion topics covered:

  • Considering your public health coursework, what topic or course did you like the most, and what did you enjoy the least?

  • In a few words, briefly describe one public health problem, issue, or disease that is impacting your local area.


  • Health problems are evident around us

  • Great need for trained public health professionals

  • Jobs may not look the way you expect, or have the title you expect to see.

  • Take action steps toward getting involved and gaining experience.

  • Look for opportunities to help and serve within the problems around you.

  • Volunteer at first, and keep your mind and options open as you get more involved and gain experience.

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