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Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast

Episode #35: Never Underestimate Your Ability to Inspire Positive Health Behavior Changes in Others

This episode is a little different from the usual flow, and includes a story about a conversation I recently had with my mother and what I learned from it. I took away a lesson from it that I share on this episode, because I think you may benefit from it as well. At the very least, it might make you smile.

Other items covered in this episode include an update on the workshops, their progress and what’s coming up. You definitely want to make sure to listen for these important updates. I also discuss my efforts to reach out to many of you within my community to see what challenges you’re facing, which helps me make decisions about what resources and information to share as we continue to move forward and grow. So, it’s important to hear about all of the updates discussed in this episode.


Additional information:

Review and register for workshops, upcoming live workshops and also on-demand workshops.

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