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Episode #34 Why You Should Consider Leading a Health Promotion Campaign

During the first 98 days of this year, I lead a team of amazing people in the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) health promotion campaign, the 1 Billion Steps Challenge. My team, DrCHHuntley and Friends, finished in 6th place out of 392 teams! We are super proud of that accomplishment. What I learned through this experience was far beyond anything that I had imagined when I started. In this episode, I share my journey and the lessons learned along the way. As I share these lessons and my story, I encourage you to consider leading a health promotion campaign and provide you with some resources to get started.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:


  • Building a faith based community health promotion campaign

  • Leading a health promotion campaign using online tools and technology

  • Finding volunteer opportunities to gain experience

  • Professional networking in public health – conferences and social media

APHA newsletter featuring DrCHHuntley and Friends in the 1 Billion Steps Challenge

Enroll in the workshop: Leading a health promotion campaign using online tools and technology

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