Episode #30: REAL TALK: Bold Answers, Clarity, & Action Steps


Born out of my experiences, I am “being the change that I want to see.”

In this episode, I speak clearly and boldly so that people who choose to connect with me fully understand my purpose and motivation. I provide answers, clarity, and direction.

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Answers to these questions:

  • Why do I care about helping other people get into PH careers?

  • Why do I podcast?

  • Why do I create guides and free resources?

  • Why do I offer coaching programs?

Clarity about purpose, who this podcast and resources are for (and who it’s NOT for).

Direction in terms of 4 specific action steps for action-takers. This time, you’re going to have to listen to the full episode and at the end I give the 4 Action-steps for Action-takers.

I am "being the change that I want to see.”

After listening to this full episode, there will be no question about my purpose, enthusiasm, passion, focus, heart to serve, desire to teach, my happy upbeat spirit, my positive and motivating outlook, or my natural tendency toward encouraging and empowering and inspiring others!

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