Episode #27 Why I started the Myth-busting Challenge

A large portion of my audience includes people who have completed their degree but struggle with getting into the field of public health for one reason or another. Questions about how I became an epidemiologist were (and still are) the most common questions I received on LinkedIn, because people really wanted to know how I managed to get into the position that matched my degree. That is one of the main reasons I started this podcast. I place a big emphasis on motivating students and encouraging them to “own” their journey through graduate school (instead of just surviving) and to develop a broader view of the possibilities within public health, regarding careers.

Recently, I’ve decided to focus on a better way to help those of you who have already completed your degree, but face challenges getting into the field of public health. Instead of working one on one, I developed a program that can help several at once and begin to foster a new community where you can start to encourage one another, network, and begin to achieve your career goals.

I polled members of the podcast group on Facebook, and found interesting results. The number one career challenge that people who had already completed their public health degrees faced was lack of experience or skills needed to get into the field. The second biggest challenge, which was very close to number one, was the belief that public health job opportunities are limited.

The myth-busting challenge became my response to these conceptions that have become accepted as truths. Although lack of experience may be true, it also is distorted in some cases as well. I referenced the PH Careers guide as a reference tool, especially in Part Two.

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Additional Information:

My goal was to address some of these issues, and do some myth busting before I officially introduce the program that I’ve created.

I approached these videos much like I would a conversation with a friend, and took time in preparing and sharing it in the easiest and fastest way.

This week will wrap up the myth-busting series with the final live video. The points covered in the video series are also presented in the community section of our website.

I’ve received overwhelming positive responses from people who feel encouraged and motivated, and this is coming from those seeking careers and also from my colleagues who are also trying to motive their students as well.

Following Part Three, I will invite you to join me on a webinar to discuss key takeaways from the live video series and also introduce my new program

NOTE: The option to enroll in the program will be time sensitive, so that I can start the group together and have time to manage the group of people who enroll.

NOTE: Remember to open and scan through the weekly emails that you receive from me. I try to respect your inbox, because I know very well that email can be overwhelming. Weekly updates from me announce the newest podcast episode, but also provides announcements about activities and events that may be time sensitive. This is my way of letting you know what’s going on so that you have the opportunity to participate.

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